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 Prompt: Phil is too embarrassed to tell Dan what his kinks are so Dan decides to spring different sexual kinks on him to work out what he likes :)

NC-17 (lol really) u could nominate me for the phanficawards if u like but there are better smut writers (cough the-butt-llama) 

 When they first got together, Dan had been incredibly open with Phil about his kink for toys - and Phil wasn’t complaining. Anything that gave Dan pleasure was fine by him. And Dan really did have a kink for toys; by the time they moved to London he’d amassed a collection large enough to fill the bottom drawer of Phil’s cabinet. They had vibrators, and butt plugs, anal beads and cock rings and pretty much anything else that vibrated and could go in Dan’s ass or on his dick. 

He wasn’t embarrassed, and freely admitted that he was a bit of a sex fiend and loved nothing more than to be hot and bothered beneath Phil. 

Dan didn’t know what it was that made him realise that Phil had never told him his kinks. He was sitting in the office one day, editing frantically, when the thought just popped into his head. Phil had always gone along with what Dan wanted to do, and yet he never asked anything of Dan. Putting his editing on hold, Dan frowned thoughtfully, leaning back in his seat. Did it mean Phil just didn’t have any kinks? Or was his kink something that he didn’t want Dan to know? 

Later that evening, when Dan was done editing, he went to find Phil. He found him in the living room, spread out on the sofa, watching reruns of Buffy. Without saying anything, Dan deposited himself in Phil’s lap. Automatically, Phil wrapped his arms around Dan, a happy smile spreading across his face. 

“What do you want?” he asked affectionately, pressing a gentle kiss to Dan’s cheek. 

“Can we talk?” Dan asked, wiggling slightly so he could look at Phil.

“That sounds ominous,” Phil said, his voice full of trepidation. “Isn’t that what people say on TV when they’re about to break up with someone?”

“Maybe, but I’m not breaking up with you ever, wherever you want to or not,” Dan said, rolling his eyes and quickly pecking Phil’s lips in reassurance. “I want to talk about sex.”

“You want to talk about sex?” Phil said, sounding confused. 

“Yes. I was just thinking, you see, that you know what my kinks are, and I don’t know what yours are,” Dan continued, twisting his fingers in locks of Phil’s hair, and watching his face. “So. What are they? And we can try them out.”

“I…I…I don’t…” Phil stuttered, his whole face flushing bright red. 

“What?” Dan asked with a smirk. “What’s wrong?” 

“I…I…why do we have to talk about this?” Phil pulled Dan closer and buried his red face into the crook of Dan’s neck so he didn’t have to look at him. 

“We do my kinks all the time,” Dan said, chuckling slightly at Phil’s reaction. “I thought you might want to try yours. So tell me what they are!”


“Tell me.”


“Phiiiil,” Dan whined, pulling away so Phil couldn’t hide his face anymore, and jabbing him lightly in the stomach. “Why not? Don’t you trust me?”

“I do trust you,” Phil muttered, moving his hands up to cover his flaming face. “I just…I don’t…it’s embarrassing.” 

“I like going out in public with a butt plug up my ass,” Dan said in a conversational tone, pulling Phil’s hands away and holding them fast. “It can’t be more embarrassing than that.”

“I’m happy with the way things are,” Phil told him. “My kink…it’s…it’s just a fantasy. Nothing else.”

“Tell me,” Dan whined, bouncing up and down on Phil’s lap. “We can do it!”

“I’m not telling you, Dan,” Phil said seriously. “It’s my secret.”

And Dan tried his very hardest to wheedle it out of Phil for the rest of the evening, but he simply blushed and refused to answer Dan’s question. Now, Dan wasn’t one to give up easily, so whilst he watched Phil sleeping later that evening, he devised a plan to figure out exactly what Phil’s mystery kink was. 

He was going to do some research and make a list, and start suddenly springing kinks on Phil. And it would be pretty obvious from his reaction if Dan had struck gold or not.


One - Voyeurism 

The first kink Dan found was fairly tame and also easy for him to carry out. He started the very next day. Dan was normally not up before midday, but he deliberately set his alarm and got up before Phil, going through to the living room. He left a trail of his clothes behind him, so Phil would knew where he was, and left the door open just a crack so Phil would be able to see through. 

Totally naked he settled down on the sofa and waited for a sound from the bedroom. He heard Phil’s sleepy voice mumble his name and wrapped his fingers around his erect dick - he was always hard when he woke up - slowly running his hand up and down.

A small breathy moan escaped his lips as he gently worked along his length, and he shut his eyes as he wanked. In his head, the idea of Phil watching him from the doorway was actually kind of hot, and so if being a voyeur was Phil’s kink, then that was fine by him.

His dick was throbbing in his hand as he started to thumb over the slit, planning on giving a real show when -

“Oh I wondered where you got to,” Phil said as he walked into the room and straddled Dan. “If you’d have woken me up I would have helped you out, and you needn’t have got out of bed for a wank.” 

“No, Phil,” Dan growled, opening his eyes in exasperation. “You were supposed to watch.” 

“Why would I do that?” Phil asked, perplexed, as he replaced Dan’s hand with his own and with practiced ease started to jerk him off.

“I…thought…you might like…watching…” Dan muttered, letting his head fall back again, giving himself up to the mercy of Phil’s skillful fingers. 

“Why?” Phil chuckled. “I’m not some kind of creepy pervert, Dan. I would much rather touch your dick than watch it be touched.”

So that was one kink down, and a long list left to go. 


Two - Cross-dressing 

Dan wasn’t so sure about the next kink at all, but it had proved to be an incredibly popular one on the internet. So with a sigh, he resigned himself to it, and went out to buy ‘supplies’ whilst Phil was busy editing. 

He went to a charity shop, not because he was really the charitable type, but because he didn’t want to spend lots of money on something that might end up being totally unnecessary. He told the woman in the shop that he was getting fancy dress clothes for his sister, a total lie, but far less embarrassing than admitting he was being a bit of a sexual deviant. A bit? A total sexual deviant, then. 

He tried not to look awkward as he picked out a skirt that he thought might fit him, as well as a few other things for future kinks. 

He waited until after dinner, and told Phil that he was going to go and do some editing alone in his room because he really needed to focus. Feeling ridiculous, but driven on by all the claims on the internet that cross dressing was hot, Dan put on the pink flowery skirt that he had bought, along with the cardigan that he always wore when he was being Becky in videos. He put a necklace on, and clipped his fringe back with a sparkly pink clip.

“The things I do for you, Phillip Lester,” he growled to himself as he sauntered out of his bedroom to find Phil.

“Hey baby,” he purred, leaning around the doorway to the living room. Phil looked up from his laptop, and stared at Dan for a couple of seconds before he burst out laughing, spraying ribena everywhere. 

“What…what…” he choked out, his face turning bright red as he struggled to breathe around the laughter rocking his body. “Oh…my…god…” Tears were now streaming down his face, and he clutched his sides because they kind of hurt from laughing so hard. 

“Is this for a video?” he asked eventually, looking up at Dan who had been hovering in the doorway feeling stupid. 

“No,” Dan said indignantly. “It was for you. I thought maybe you were into skirts.” 

Phil tried to keep a straight face, but seconds later he was off laughing again, a red and crying mess on the sofa. Feeling vaguely idiotic, Dan went back into his room and changed into a t-shirt and a pair of joggers. He stuffed the skirt in the back of his wardrobe and went back to editing.

“I’m sorry for laughing at you,” Phil said from the doorway ten minutes later, looking like he had only just managed to compose himself. 

“It doesn’t matter,” Dan muttered, not looking away from his screen.

“Dan,” Phil sighed, walking over and pulling his chair out. He sat down on him, and started to press little kisses all over his face. “I appreciate that you’re trying to find out what my kink is, but you’re never going to. You should just give up now, because I like things the way that they are.”

“Is your kink really that bad though?” Dan asked with a sigh, folding his arms around Phil and raising an eyebrow. 

“You wouldn’t like it,” Phil said decisively. “So I’m not going to tell you. That way you don’t have to feel pressurised into doing it anyway.”


“Ssh,” Phil said, pressing his finger to Dan’s lips. “By the way, if I was attracted to skirts, I wouldn’t be dating you…” 

And just like that he dissolved into a pool of laughter again on Dan’s lap. Dan sighed, but held him closer, more determined than ever to crack the secret.


Three - Urolagnia 

The next kink was the weirdest that Dan found, and one that he really really did not want to do. It was this that made him suggest it - he thought that maybe Phil wouldn’t tell him because it was kind of gross. But he wanted to know, so if it was Phil’s kink, he could stop trying to figure things out. 

It was a Monday evening, and they were relaxing, with no videos to make or radio-shows to plan. A half-eaten takeaway pizza sat next to them on the sofa, and Phil was curled against Dan’s side as they watched some crappy horror film that was on ITV. 

“Do you-uh-” Dan bit his lip, unable to get the words out.

“Do I what?” Phil asked sleepily, his head still on Dan’s chest. 

“Do you want…do you want toweeonme?” Dan spat out all at once, his face flushing red immediately. 

“Do I want to wee on you?” Phil asked in a horrified tone, pushing himself up so he could stare at Dan, his blue eyes like those of a rabbit in the headlights. 

“Or…uh…do you want me to wee on you?” Dan pressed, his eyes fixating on a loose thread hanging off his t-shirt. 

“What the hell?” Phil demanded, his face still looking freaked out.

“Well it’s a kink…” Dan trailed off, shrugging. “You said I wouldn’t want to do yours so I thought maybe…”

“It’s not that weird!” Phil yelped, burying himself back into Dan’s embrace. “God, do people actually get off on that?”

“Apparently,” Dan replied, pressing a kiss to the top of Phil’s head, relief coursing through his body. 


Four - Neko 

Dan left it a couple of days after the whole urination conversation before he attempted to lure Phil into another kink. Phil was out getting the shopping, giving Dan the opportunity to put on some more things purchased from the charity shop.

He thought maybe he was right this time - because Phil did have an obsession with cute, fluffy animals. Dan put on a pair of cat ears on a headband, and slowly drew himself a nose and whiskers. He took all his clothes off and put a small leather collar around his neck. Then, he got on all fours and waited for Phil to hurry back. 

When Phil walked into his room, he did a double take. 

“Meow,” Dan said, because the internet page had told him that Neko’s were supposed to meow and not talk. 

“What are you doing?” Phil asked, approaching the bed. He sat down next to Dan, and tried to pull him into a hug.

“Meow!” Dan admonished, crawling onto Phil’s lap. “Meow!”

“Uh…Dan…what…” Phil didn’t seem turned on. In fact, he just seemed confused. 

“Meow?” Dan said in one last ditch attempt to get a reaction out of him that wasn’t confusion. 

“This is a kink thing isn’t it?” Phil asked, amusement seeping into his tone. 

“I’m running out of ideas,” Dan sighed, pulling the ears off his head. Phil’s fingers worked on the collar, undoing in from around his neck. “And you like cats.”

“Yes, Dan, I like cats,” Phil said as he was speaking to a child, throwing the collar on the floor. “I think they’re cute and fluffy. But I don’t want to fuck them, I’m not into bestiality you know!” 

“Then what ARE you into?” Dan yelped, exasperated.

“You,” Phil said with a smirk, pressing his lips firmly against Dan’s and kissing him so passionately that he forgot all about trying to wheedle the information out of Phil.


Five - Rimming 

“Do you want me to stick my tongue up your ass?” Dan whispered in Phil’s ear one Sunday night on the tube back from the radio show. He was vaguely amused by how quickly Phil’s cheeks flushed red. 

“No!” He hissed back, pinching Dan’s leg sharply as a warning to stop talking about that stuff in public.

“Do you want to stick yours up mine?” Dan continued, earning another sharp pinch. 

“No! It’s unhygienic anyway, don’t you think?” Phil asked hopefully. He didn’t much like the idea of rimming at all, but if Dan wanted to do it, there wasn’t really much that Phil would refuse him. 

“Yeah, it’s never appealed to me,” Dan said with a shrug. “I just thought maybe you…”

“Stop thinking about what I might like!” Phil demanded, exasperated. “It’s not up for discussion. Okay?”


Six - Exhibitionism 

They were on the train to Manchester to see Phil’s parents, as it was Mr Lester’s birthday and he was having a family meal. They were in a compartment alone, but the walls were thin and they could hear everyone else’s conversations. It was the perfect setting for Dan to test out the next kink on his list. 

He started by innocently resting his hand on Phil’s thigh, and as time went by he inched it up until he was suddenly cupping Phil’s dick through his jeans.

“W…what are you doing?” Phil asked, looking up from the book he was reading, his voice nervous. 

“I’m kind of horny,” Dan whispered, which wasn’t exactly a lie. He was always horny. 

“Go get off in the toilets then!” Phil whispered back, his face already turning pink. He was just too damn adorable. 

“I could get you off here,” Dan replied. “I could unzip your jeans, and get your dick out and-”

“Daniel!” Phil scolded, a frown on his face. “We’re in public!” 

“That’s the point,” Dan explained with a smirk. “The risk and the fact that someone might hear us and-”

“You’re such a slut,” Phil said, his tone slightly hard. “Have some self respect! For god’s sake Daniel, we’re in a public place!” 

Feeling thoroughly chastised, Dan sloped off to the toilets to sort out his erection, feeling a little upset at the angry tone Phil had used on him. After all, it had been for Phil anyway - Dan had no particular interest in exhibitionism because he was a moaner and didn’t like having to keep quiet. When he returned, face red and hair slightly damp and messed up, Phil opened his arms and Dan settled down into them. He liked cuddling too much to reject it, even if he was upset at being told off. 

“That was for my benefit wasn’t it?” Phil asked softly, one hand curling protectively over Dan’s hip whilst the other teased through his sweaty locks, sorting them out so he didn’t have sex hair. 

“Yeah,” Dan mumbled back.

“Sorry I snapped,” Phil said. “I didn’t realise until you’d gone that it was all for me. But I’m not into that, really I’m not. Stop trying, babe.”  


Seven - Domination 

All of Dan’s best ideas came to him when he was in the shower. And indeed, the answer to his problem did come to him when he was showering, about a month after the initial question of Phil’s kink had been raised. 

He was amazed that he’d never though of it before. It was so simple, so blindingly obvious. 

He waited until Phil was out with an old friend from university before going into his room and opening his internet history. After scrolling through links to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter for a little while, Dan finally found a couple of porn sites and smirked, clicking on them. After watching a few videos, he’d figured it out. Just like that. And the whole month of embarrassing blunders had been for nothing. 

“Philip Lester, you kinky bastard,” he muttered to himself, a triumphant grin spreading over his face as a small lump in his jeans formed at the idea of reenacting Phil’s fantasy. 

When Phil woke up the next day, it was to find Dan kneeling next to him in just his boxers, having cuffed his own hands behind his back. His hair was messy from sleeping, and his face was flushed with excitement. A clear bulge showed through his boxers and he grinned at Phil when he opened his eyes. 

“What…what are you doing?” The strain in Phil’s voice was obvious, and Dan knew he’d got it right. 

“I’ve been very naughty,” Dan answered as Phil sat up. Phil swallowed audibly, a light blush springing to his cheeks. 

“What did you do?” he asked, his voice shaky even though he tried to control it. He was sure he had never seen anything hotter than a sleepy Dan, half-naked and handcuffed in front of him. 

“I was naughty,” Dan repeated. “See, I was kind of bored of playing guessing games with you. So, instead of guessing I decided I was going to do some detective work.”

“You…what are you talking about?” Phil was trying hard to focus on something other than his cock. 

“I went through your browser history,” Dan informed Phil, with the air of a small child who had deliberately misbehaved. “I guess someone forgot to browse for porn on private.”

“Dan!” Phil’s voice was raised, and his eyes sparkled angrily at the brown haired boy. “That stuff is private! I don’t go through your history! I trusted you.”

“I know,” Dan said repentantly. “I was very naughty. But you see, if I hadn’t done it, I would never have known that you have a kink for dominating.” 

“I…” Phil glared at him. “That’s not the point!”

“It is the point,” Dan smirked. “I only did it because I wanted to give you what you dreamt about. And here it is. Me, at your mercy, handcuffed and unable to escape.”

“I don’t want this,” Phil said quietly, kneeling up and cupping Dan’s cheek with his hand. “I never wanted it like this. It was just a fantasy.”

“But you can make it a reality,” Dan suggested, tilting his head slightly towards Phil’s gentle touch. “Right now.”

“I would never do something for my own enjoyment alone,” Phil mumbled. “I can’t do this to you, Dan. It wouldn’t be fair.”

“Stop being so bloody noble,” Dan giggled, as he realised what Phil’s problem was. “I want this Phil, Jesus. It’s so hot. I mean, I’m a bottom, for fuck’s sake, why wouldn’t I want you to dominate me? Look at the fucking lump in my boxers if you want proof!”

“Dan…” Phil’s face was full of indecision and Dan growled. 

“Phillip, you listen to me. I wouldn’t have let you wee on me if that was your kink, okay? That’s why there was no specific attempt to actually carry that one out. I’m a sex fiend. I like sex. This is sex,” he paused, chewing on his lip. “And you’re hot when you’re angry. I want you to dominate me, Phil, I really do.”

“I want to,” Phil admitted quietly, his face flushed and his palms sweating. “But I also…” he stopped himself. 

“You want to spank me too,” Dan said in his matter of fact way. “I know. I looked at everything. How naughty of me.”


“Fucking hell, Phil, domination is about being sure of yourself,” Dan said, rolling his eyes. “Stop dithering. Punish me. Fuck me. Take control.” 


“Phil. I waited until you were out of the house and then I snuck into your room and deliberately went through your computer,” Dan goaded as he shuffled closer to Phil, his movements restricted by the cuffs so he could really only move on his knees. “I completely disregarded your privacy. On purpose.”

“That was a bit of a bad thing to do,” Phil stated in a rough voice, his hands trailing down Dan’s arms. 

“I know,” Dan said with a grin. “And I’m not sorry. Maybe you should make me sorry.”

Phil leant forwards and connected their lips in a rough and passionate kiss, his hands tangling themselves in Dan’s hair. With a triumphant smile, Dan kissed back, until Phil’s teeth snagged at his tongue, a clear sign that Phil was about to take the dominance that Dan was offering him on a plate. 

Dan broke the kiss and grinned at Phil.

“When I was buying the handcuffs, I bought you a present,” he said coyly. 

“Oh yeah?”

“In the top drawer.”

Intrigued, Phil leant over and opened the drawer, pushing aside some clean boxers until he found a package wrapped in silver. He pulled it out and shot Dan a suspicious look before opening it to reveal a small wooden paddle. 


“Regretting the decision to let me take control yet?” Phil purred, trailing his fingers along Dan’s red, warm skin. Dan had just received a paddling which left Phil incredibly hot and bothered, and now he had a vibrator up his ass on the maximum setting. He wasn’t allowed to talk unless Phil asked him a question.

“Nope,” he gasped, his hands forming fists behind his back. He curled and uncurled his toes, trying to process the large amounts of pleasure his body was experiencing.

“I could leave you here as punishment,” Phil mused, his hand caressing one of the sore cheeks. “If I put a cock ring on, you’d be at my mercy.” 

“Please don’t!” Dan whined, even though it wasn’t a question. Phil drew his hand back and slapped him, and Dan wisely refrained from protesting. 

“I’m going to fuck you so hard,” Phil muttered instead. “You’re so fucking hot like this.”

Dan grinned to himself. Nothing really got him going more than Phil swearing like that, it was just so sexy. Moments later, the vibrator was removed and replaced with Phil’s dick, and Dan cried out in pleasure as Phil immediately found his prostrate. That was one of the advantages of having sex at least once a day.

As Phil gripped his hips and thrust in and out of him, there was a slight burning pain as his punished cheeks came into contact with Phil’s body, but it was a good kind of pain that chased his orgasm forwards. 

Both of them were dripping with sweat, and Phil let out a stream of curses as Dan clenched and unclenched around him, whimpering. As he came, Phil’s fingernails dug sharply into the skin of Dan’s hips, making him yell out. 

“You can cum,” Phil panted against Dan’s neck, his voice hoarse. 

Dan released with a deep, shuddering moan and let his arms drop so they were no longer holding him up. He knew he should probably find it gross that he was lying on top of his own cum with Phil’s flaccid dick up his ass, but he didn’t. He was flying high from his orgasm. 

After a moment, Phil rose and started to look for the keys to the cuffs. Dan was too far gone to tell him anything, and he eventually found them on the windowsill. He released Dan and turned him over, using some tissues to clean him up.

“Are you okay?” he asked tentatively. Dan grinned up at him.

“You’re so hot when you take control,” he mumbled. 

“I didn’t hurt you?” Phil checked. 

“Nope,” Dan confirmed, holding out his arms like a small child. “I want to do that every day please.” 

“Are you sure you didn’t just do that for me?” Phil asked worriedly as he lay back down and cuddled the exhausted and sweaty boy close to him.

“Positive. Seriously, Phil, I’m a man of many kinks,” Dan whispered. “And being fucked by you is the main one, however the hell you want to do it. Why did you think I wouldn’t want to do that?”

“You can be quite bossy sometimes,” Phil giggled affectionately. “I thought you wouldn’t want to let me be in charge of you.”

“Well, only during sex,” Dan smirked, narrowing his eyes. “In the daytime, I’m in charge.” 

“Hmm,” Phil smiled and kissed Dan gently. “I’m password protecting my laptop though.” 

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